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Slot car racers games are always fun and nostalgic for us here at the office. We enjoyed  HTR HD but it left a couple of small voids. With the release of SlotRush HD those voids were filled and alas some new ones were created.

SlotRush HD races in, patching the controllerless void that HTR HD left. We now are given the option to use our iDevice as a controller. How sweet is that!  SlotRush HD gives two iDevice options, a slider controller which works amazingly well, and a two button controller. We prefer the slider but, if you like the two button controller, we highly recommend using the keyboard. Virtual buttons can’t compete with a real tactile button/key. However, both methods work well.

Another previous void: We didn’t have multiplayer and the difficulty was severely lacking in HTR HD. SlotRush does multiplayer right and also offers a healthy selection of single player difficulties. The selection is enjoyable whether you’re practicing or racing yourself. In multiplayer, if you both use the keyboard, the layout is spread out over the controls so you won’t be bumping elbows near as much as other multiplayer games.

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Of course we need to talk about the tracks–It would be silly if we didn’t. There are several courses to choose from, all varying in difficulty. Some offer tight turns and others include jumps, but since it’s a 2D view with no loops or vertical tracks, is doesn’t differ as much as we would like. What differentiates SlotRush HD’s tracks from the rest are the power-ups. With the inclusion of the power-ups this creates a mesh between a cart racer and a slot racer. While these power-ups don’t create the same insanity you would find in Mario Cart, they still add  extra depth and style to the gameplay.

Oh No! Even though SlotRush fills some voids, they created some as well. No Customization. We were disappointed to not have the ability to create our own tracks, that was the most fun we had with other slot racers. Then there are the cars, even though there are several to choose from, they all feel the same. Too bad we’re not given the option  to customize the speed and parts of our cars.

The Bottom Line:

This is a solid game and will be appreciated by most slot car fans.