Impressions with Guerrilla Bob (this is not a review)

So I have played Guerrilla Bob campaign and survival mode  a few times and want to give a quick impression before I put up the review.

Guerilla Bob is one of the best iPhone ported games that I have played thus far (believe me I have played a lot of ports). The controls alone are fine tuned and give the precision that you need in a “dual stick shooter”. At first I used my mouse (non-touchpad) for all the game sessions because just face it, who wants to use the touchpad on a laptop for gaming right? especially a shooter. Ah, but my aging mind works against me at times! I found myself at a coffee shop (I’m in the magical land of coffee shops at the moment) and I forgot my mouse! Gasp! I wanted one more quick session before I wrote this so I decided to bite the bullet and play using the touchpad on my macbook. I believe it was a mysterious force that made me forget the mouse so I can see how amazing the touchpad works for a fast action game. Aiming is just really simple and feels very natural.

guerrilla bob screenshot for the macThe graphics can stand alone and is some of the best graphics I have seen in the Mac App Store for under ten bucks. There are different graphic levels so if your computer can handle it knock it up to the highest resolution.

The arcade mode drags you through several locations and can be beaten in under an hour. Each level ends in a fun boss battle and I totally forgot who the final boss is. Boy I Love it! So funny!.. and tough. Survival mode has a couple options and may offer the most fun to some players. There is a classic mode where you fight a boss here and there and once defeated gives you an Item. Then there is a wave mode where, well the enemies attack in waves. There is also multiplayer as well and is the only mode I have not touched but I will grab someone this weekend to play with me.

Everything else? You will have to wait for the review. If you love dual stick shooters don’t hesitate and pick it up.

Without giving it a score yet i just want to leave saying it’s a good game, not great, but very fun. There are a few issues *cough*camera… but nothing major.

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