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Momentous  historic happenings–like the opening of the Mac App Store– propel me back to a time far ago known as 2008 where  Barack Obama was elected President, The Dark Knight hit theaters, and most importantly the release of the itunes app store. Yeah! Similar to the release of the itunes store, we see the release of Chopper (chopper 2 this time around) attached to the new  App store. In a scarce new library, Chopper 2 anticipates pouncing on the wallets of eager shoppers willing to buy anything.

Since this is mainly a port of the idevice game, this game is not treading into new waters. You still play as a helicopter pilot that mows down more or less anything that moves. Nevertheless, Chopper 2, throws  a wrench at anyone who has an itchy trigger finger by placing innocent civilians on the terrain, stopping anyone from just holding down the fire button. This feature adds more depth to this genre (although not new), creating a challenge. If even just one stray bullet hits a civilian its game over and you have to start the level all over. The deaths of the civilians produces sheer agony to the player when placed at the end of the level and being caught in cross-fire from the near- by enemies.

The levels tend to blend into one another with small variations in the missions such as escorts, rescue, defend the base, etc. Even with the variations almost every level creates the same ‘shoot everything’ approach hovering on the brink of stagnant gameplay. Despite its shortcomings, it does a lot right. Variations on enemies and missiles produces a gameplay where the player has to re-invent their strategy by dodging the unforgiving missiles–where one hit takes away most of your life-bar.

The levels tend to be a good length  but due to the frustrating unforgiving gameplay, the ambition to try anything new is annihilated by the looming fear of having to start over from the very beginning of the level. The later levels are in dire need of checkpoints!

Bottom Line:

If you are a fan of 2d shooters then you will be hooked to your keyboard blasting away tanks and helicopters for hours. For everyone else, if you played the original were amused for a while, but deserted it in the been-there done-that pile, there is nothing really new here.