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Theseus and the Minotaur loosely takes its gameplay concept from a Greek mythology tale. According to this tale, Theseus is trapped in a maze with a mauling Minotaur and must defeat this beast. Accomplishing this task in the game is devised of Thesaus avoiding/trapping the Minotaur to the exit.

The gameplay is easily laid out  in a very comprehensive manner so that everyone can become victorious and reach the exit. The games UI is simple to navigate and understand and the game rules stay constant and never change.

The level designs start at a beginner level and ups the anti where complex back tracking and a more in-depth strategy will evolve. Later in the game the solutions will stump most players but fortunately, the game has a solution button that will show the correct moves (the moves on the board are messy and sometimes will leak on top of other numbers below). Usually in a game, as the levels get more difficult to beat, a misplaced move can mean game-over, not in this case since there is  an unlimited undo button which will save your arse.

The level design is well developed and creates a nice gentle learning curve. Nonetheless the repeated designs just create more moves and nothing new which results in stale gameplay. This is the nature of non-changing, simplistic games. We, being ever optomistic, and in pursuit of new gameplay, continue forward…but alas this dream never came. SIGH. Any variation would be a welcome feature and would enhance the re-playability

If somehow you beat all the created levels and become a sucker for more, the game includes a level creator that is exceptionally user-friendly. Despite this great feature, it becomes useless with the inability to upload your levels to share with friends.

I just wanted to insert two small gripes: the sound is awful! Luckily I was able to mute it ( it’s that bad- I really did mute it)

second: whats with the mazes being placed on the windows 95 wallpaper! I tried to see if there was a way to get rid of it but nope!

Bottom Line:

So in short if you are able to overlook the games short comings then you will find yourself an addictive strategy-puzzle game that belongs to sit in your applications folder with solitaire and Mine sweeper.