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8 Score

Oh No! It’s An Alien Invasion: Turret Alert (iOS)

There’s times when I have to admit that I’m out of the animation loop (and I’m an animator). There was maybe a good 5-10 year run where I...
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Swing Copters (iOS)

Note: Swing Copters received an update today that makes the game much easier. Dong Nguyen is currently one of the most famous Indie de...
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8 Score

Paradise Bowling 2 (iOS)

About two years ago we checked out Paradise Bowling and found it to be a fun arcade bowler. Last year we checked out the newest update wh...
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AppStore Bite: Escape The Page (iOS)

I’m going to come straight out of the gate saying that I’ve been playing a great game but it’s buggy as all hell. So buggy that it’s lite...
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What We’re (Not) Playing: Hearthstone

Normally I talk about games that I’m playing, not games  that I’m not playing. But, this time around I want to talk about leaving Hearths...
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7.5 Score

Vertical Cliff (iOS)

Sometimes we come across a casual game that feels familiar but at the same time the experience that it brings is unlike anything else. Th...
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5 Score

AppStore Bite: Run Forrest Run (iOS)

Forrest Gump is one of the best movies released in my life time. I actually re-watched it again and it’s one of those few movies that hol...
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What We’re Playing: Blood Bowl (iOS)

For the last few months CCGs have showered upon our office and pushed aside our “free-time gaming.”  Sure we looooved it but at the same ...
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Golem Arcana is Out!

My personal most anticipated game for 2014, Golem Arcana, just launched this past Wednesday. If you have not  been following Hairbrained ...
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6 Score

AppStore Bite: Falling To Earth (iOS)

Last week we were hit hard with endless titles. One takes an interesting approach, Vertical Cliff, another one falls into a movie tie-in…...
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