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8.5 Score

Trials Frontier (iOS)

Last week I briefly talked about my first impressions of Trials Frontier, WWP:Trials Frontier, the overall gist being that it’s a solid p...
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First Look: Trials Frontier (iOS)

One of my all time absolute favorite skill based racers is Redlynx’x (Ubisoft Studio) MotoHeroz. The physics as well as the perfect blend...
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What We’re Playing: Hearthstone and so many TCGs

Lately my fingers have been getting tons of virtual-paper cuts due to many hours dedicated to playing TCGs. Both Infinity Wars and Pokémo...
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5 Score

Skyline Skaters (iOS)

Once in awhile I like to share a thought that cycles through my mind. “Generic at it’s most Mediocrity”. Those are the key words that tog...
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5.5 Score

Dark Guardians

Dark Guardians grabbed my attention right from the get-go. The gorgeous art design, soundtrack, as well as the animation beam with life a...
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9 Score

Yapert: Where Fans Stay Up to Date

To be frank,  I don't have the time nor energy to care what celebrities are doing. Contradicting myself, there's always a few celebrities...
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8 Score

Set of Threes (iOS)

Every week I spend time checking out the new puzzlers that hit the AppStore. Sometimes they’re word games, physics games, and lately math...
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Boom Beach Tips

Some Basic Tips from a Non-Expert Boom Beach Player: I found myself making some rather large mistakes playing Clash of Clans so I’m gl...
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8.5 Score

Meetey (iOS)

I feel like an old man saying this, but back when I was younger, I lived in a neighborhood where everybody knew everyone. Now, I live in ...
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Flappies Invaders: Tap to stop the invasion (iOS)

Flappies Invaders: Tap to stop the invasion. Flappy-flappy-flappy. Yes I know what you’re  thinking “another Flappy clone” but no! Actual...
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