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February’s Game of the Month 2015

As you know, we’ve been digging up our roots and are in the process of moving the studio to our new location. Sure this means that as of ...
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6.5 Score

Monkey King Escape (iOS)

With games, you often don’t know what you’re in-store for until it’s too late and you’ve ridden that emotional roller coaster, perhaps di...
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7.5 Score

Hammy Go Round (iOS)

When it comes to endless-runners it often feels like we draw straws to see who’s going to review them. Even though we don’t actually draw...
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5 Score

Mighty Switch Force! Hose it Down! (iOS)

During the GameBoy color era WayForward Tech developed Shantae which became one of my favorite  platformers to ever hit that portable. Du...
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9.5 Score

Hero Emblems (iOS)

You’re probably tired of endless-runners and  match-3’s and, because of your ambivalence, take the risk of missing out on some rather gre...
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7.5 Score

Dracula Untold (iTunes Movie)

Right before I downloaded Dracula Untold from the AppStore I caught a glimpse at the overall critic score--something that I try to not lo...
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8 Score

AstroPup Premium Edition (iOS& Android)

The majority of difficult games I play tend to fall into the insta-death category that kicks in my “twitch reflexes”. A very small minori...
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8.5 Score

Bubble Nights (iOS)

Way back in 2008 my iPod touch (I didn’t splurge and have an iPhone back then) always had Gameloft’s Bubble Bash loaded onto it. It was b...
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10 Score

Ramboat (iOS)

Jetpack Joyride was one of the early IOS games that we reviewed. Little did we know at the time that this endless runner was going to set...
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What We’re Playing: Vita & Packing

Behind the scenes of AppStoreArcade would reveal a studio in transition, computer stuff placed here and there and even somehow in-between...
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