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First Impressions: SimCity BuildIt (iOS)

I have a feeling that most people that read our reviews would want a new real version of SimCity on our iPhones. In reality we have a fre...
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7.5 Score

Pazzle Break (iOS)

Normally when I get a puzzle game in my review queue I sit down and learn the basic mechanics within minutes. When Pazzle Break landed on...
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7 Score

Hungry Hal – Zombie Infinite Runner (iOS & Android)

Do you remember Stubbs the Zombie that hit about ten years ago? If not then you missed out on one of the best zombie games due to it’s hy...
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8 Score

Bird Duel (iOS)

2014 is winding down and we’re reflecting back on games we’ve played this year along with the trends we saw a lot of. There’s no doubt th...
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7.5 Score

Dustoff Vietnam (iOS)

I’m definitely a sucker for nostalgia, so I wasn’t surprised that my subconscious finger clicked on the download button when I saw Dustof...
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7 Score

Investin U (iOS)

We’ve all played our fair share of match-3 games and I wouldn’t be surprised if we review a new match-3 game at least once every other we...
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9 Score


If you’re a puzzle fan like myself, then we’ve got it made. We’ve got our matching games, an abundance of Tell Tale games, and of course ...
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Twitch: Dustoff Vietnam

We've been picking up our Twitch Streams and we're starting to improve a bit! Today I streamed most of Dustoff Vietnam and overall I foun...
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7 Score

Peggle Blast (iOS)

If you told me a few years ago that I would find a new Peggle game that was bland with uninspired level design...I would have laughed and...
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9.5 Score

Strung Along (iOS)

If you watched some of my earlier Twitch streams then you may have watched me play a good chunk of Strung Along. If not, all that you mis...
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