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8.5 Score

Alexia Crow and the Cave of Heroes (iOS)

At the ripe old age of 33, I am a semi-older geek and one of my all time favorite games is The Seventh Guest. The puzzles were/are extrem...
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What We’re Playing: Dragon Quest I

Square Enix has been killing it with porting over the Dragon Quest series to iOS. As I’ve mentioned in the past, Dragon Quest VIII is sti...
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6 Score

AppStore Bite: Max Gentleman (iOS)

Games that try too hard to be funny usually fail. Fart jokes and breaking the fourth wall are nothing new but yet we see developers regur...
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10 Score

Galaxy Trucker (iOS)

You learn a lot about yourself when you branch out of your comfort zone. Last year I checked out SpaceHulk, a board game port, it didn’t ...
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7.5 Score

Twigle Birds (iOS)

Here’s a fact about me: I picked out my apartment solely on one aspect and that is the corner window. It’s large, isolated from the city ...
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6 Score

Card Dungeon (iOS)

Riddle me this: what game catapults ingenuity out of the atmosphere, yet leaves the fun out of fundamentals? The answer: Card Dungeon. ...
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Goat Simulator (iOS)

Cult classic. This moniker gets attached to many sub-par games as a way to boost their appeal. In my experience over the years I’ve notic...
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6.5 Score

Fruit Hoops Free (iOS)

I’m not sure why, but fruit themed games are easy to sum up. Fruit Ninja: swipe your finger across the screen to slice fruit. Cover Orang...
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September’s Game of the Month

There was a lull the past few weeks and we took full advantage of it to play a few great games at our leisure. Specifically Golem Arcana....
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8.5 Score

Turbo Dismount (iOS)

Secret Exit is one of the few studios out there that would most definitely be classified as bi-polar. They’ve created one of the most pea...
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